Are you ready to get out there, make yourself heard, share what you know with an audience?

Well, they deserve the best version of YOU!

Because… not-being-that-best-version could lead to a lesser impact, and that would be a crime, cause you would deprive your audience of the chance to learn from you!


The Boost your Talent Conference Kit will help you get ready!

Everything you need, to be ready to jump on a stage, with everything you are.

Seven steps, with videos and exercises, based on the experience of a professional keynote speaker and trainer who travels around the world to put people in motion.




The first step is about creating awareness of your role on stage. What did you come to do, and what is the impact of your speech.



The second step is about writing your story line. Through 5 questions, in short movies and with an excel file, we will guide you through the building of your impactful story. 



Only after you have your story, we will talk about your slides. We explain the psychology behind slides and the effect for the audience. We share the three secret rules with you and of course lots of do’s and don’ts. 



Even though most people focus on their slides and words, the most crucial element in the preparation 

of your performance, is your mental preparation. In the 

fourth step we will explain what that means and how 

you  can do that.



Now we will look at how you will bring your message. We talk about body language, the golden tip on how to make a very strong start (and not look nervous in the first minute), the impact of your voice and the use of silences, and how you move on stage. 

STEP 6  


No matter how experienced you are, getting on stage remains a stretch and can cause some -or a lot of- stress. In step 6 we will talk about fear, what it is and how it works, but most importantly, how you can deal with it.



Now that you have completed your preparation, let's write the final checklist so you don’t forget what you wanted to do, right before ‘show time’. Often we know what we want to do, but when the heat gets on, we tend to forget all the good things.

Conference KIT 

€ 995,-

Start with the conference kit and you'll receive a log-in to the online platform. In the platform you can go through the seven steps and you can watch and rewatch the videos as many times as you like. The system keeps track of what you have already done, so you can come and go at any time.

Conference kit plus

€ 1.250,-

The PLUS version has the extra of the ‘upload’ formula. After you have completed the seven steps, you home-record a video of your presentation, and upload that together with your slides. You will get personal feedback from Peggy Overmeer through a Skype conversation or in a recorded personal-feedback-video.